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Konstantin Vorontsov

This logo was produced by ChartLive

ChartLive is a free software for scientific and business applications.  It was designed to convert your data flows into well-designed chart images.  With ChartLive you can insert charts in your applications, reports, presentations and web publications, including frequently updated charts such as stock quotes, voting results, server statistics, etc.  Its full name "Chart LIbrary and Visual Environment" emphasizes the important possibility to generate live charts.  ChartLive is actively developed project, so it is truly live.

ChartLive understands its own original input data format named CHD, CHart Description.  CHD is like to usual tab-delimeted text, reached by chart configuration commands.  CHD is strictly described in the documentation.

ChartLive generates many types of charts

ChartLive provides 4 ways of input data receiving

ChartLive supports various output contexts

ChartLive offers three levels of usage

ChartLive distributive contains

Scientific and Business Charts
Library and Visual Environment

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